Hello Fellow Turo Owners!

Hello Fellow Turo Owners!

I have been really enjoying the Turo (RelayRides) community and I found it strange that there was not a place that owners can really share what they are going through both great and not so great on being an owner of this dynamic marketplace. I want to emphasize REALLY because whatever the Turo site has for a knowledge base or Blog/Forum seems to be very sanitized to be truly useful to owners.

I am not a part of the Turo Organization other than an owner like all of you with a few cars renting on the system. As owners we take on some great risks with ourselves and our assets to people that we don’t even know (I myself have had great enjoyment and great agony being a part of this community). Together we can share our knowledge to make our Turo Owner Experience better and make this unique  Car Sharing Marketplace stronger for years to come.

I ask you to join me in contributing to our forum for all Turo Owners to benefit!

Thanks and Welcome!

Emil N